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Hair Growth Gummies

If you are a Salon Owner, Stylist, Blogger or Infulencer, Cherry Bomb Will Help Grow Your Business and Put Money in Your Purse


To build a large book of loyal and lifelong clients you need to show them that you care about them, their hair and their health.  Providing your clients with a product like CherryBomb, your clients will know you are committed to their long-term beauty and health.  Nowadays you have to support your customers hair from the inside and out.  Cherry Bomb will help you create those loyal lifelong clients that everybody wants while putting money in your purse.  

The Program


Join Ms Cherry Bomb in bringing the best hair, skin and nail gummies to your friends, clients, customers and followers.  The program is simple, profitable, and easy to execute. The application is short and simple. .   If you are approved, we will send you a discount code for you to give your customers and followers.  Your customer will receive a 10% discount and you will receive a 15% commission every time a person buys CherryBomb based on your referral. We also offer incentive bonus in the form of exciting gifts and prizes.   This is the best referral program that we have seen in the industry.  Come join us.  You have nothing to loose, except your customers hair if you don’t.   If selected your cost will simply be the price of 2 bottles a wholesale price you you have one to take so you can let your clients know that you take the product and 1 for display or to use as promotional samples.  So for under $50, you get to bottles and an opportunity to drive a new income stream and customer base to your business. 

Hair Growth Model
The Program
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